The project comprises two towers, Crystal 1 and Crystal 2 having a common basement, ground floor and podium. Thereafter, Crystal 1 and Crystal 2 would have 11 floors and 5 floors respectively with the first floor of both towers and 2nd floor of Crystal 2 occupied by the Learning resource Centre of Globsyn Technologies Limited.

Details of the specifications are given below.

Intelligent Infrastructure Limited
3/1. Dr U N Bhramachari Street
Kolkata 700017
Globsyn Crystals
Premises No. XI-11 & 12
Block EP, Sector V
Salt Lake,Kolkata 700091
Architectural Consultant
Amatrix Architects, Hongkon
Local Architects
Edifice Architects Private Limited, Kolkata
Structural Design Consultan
Predrag Eror, Dubai
Land Area
2.1498 acres
No. of Towers
TWO - Crystal 1 and Crystal 2
No. of Floors per Tower
Crystals 1- Basement+ground+ podium+11 floors
Crystals 2 -Basement+ground+ podium +5 floors
Floor Area
See enclosed sheet
80% on super built up area
Design & Construction
Efficient construction in conformance to NBC standards
ETAB analysis for seismic and wind parameters incorporated in the design
Post tension for concrete floor slabs
Column to Column Distance
21m. Columns only along the two ends leaving floor space totally free
Floor to Ceiling height
4.2 m
Vertical Transportation
0.4 KVA per 100 sq. ft. of Super Built up Area. This includes floor AHU power and raw power for lighting and other office equipment. Excludes HVAC and common atrea power.
33KVA HT connection through RMU

TRANSFORMERS : 3 nos 2000 KVA ( incl. one standby ) 33KV Cast Resin Dry Type transformers

DG SETS : Captive generation to meet 100% power backup.
3 nos DG sets with capacity of 1055 KVA prime continuous ( 1160 KVA standby rating ), 1735KVA prime continuous ( 1900KVA standby rating ) and 1935 KVA prime continuous ( 2130 KVA standby rating ). Engine by MITSUBISHI and alternator by STAMFORD. AMF panel, Auto Synchronising and Auto Load sharing

Emergency panel for fire alarm control, EPABX, emergency lighting, fire pumps, sump pumps and hydro pneumatic systems Capacitors for power factor correction Provision for controlled access and electronic surveillance Required illumination through UPS for emergency evacuation
Centrally airconditioned office space
0.43TR per 100 sq. ft.

CHILLERS : 2 nos 850TR and 1 no. 400TR Water cooled centrifugal and screw chillers with VSD, YORK make. Chiller sequencing for optimum energy performance Indoor air quality as per ASHRAE standards
COOLING TOWERS : 3 nos cooling towers sized appropriately

PUMPING SYATEM : Pumping System considers three separate chilled water distribution zones, each having variable flow pumping system for Secondary pump.

AHUs : Energy saving double skin AHUs.
Total AHU provided : 2600TR, BLUE STAR

Physical Infrastructure upto AHU
Provision for automatic motorized smoke and fire dampers
Integrated to Building Management System for optimazation and energy saving
Comprehensive BMS for automatic operation, report generation and space temperature control for AC system
Ductless Ventilation by jet fan at parking area
Server Room AC
Space provided outside each floor for dedicated, stand alone airconditioners for the server room
Fire Protection

Compliant with WBFS and NFPA norms
Smoke Detectors and Sprinklers upto tap off at floor level
Double layered sprinklers in common areas
Addressable double layered detection system
Common area Smoke Detectors and Sprinklers provided
External & internal hydrants
Automatic pumps connected to 0.6 million litres underground reservoir
Intelligent microprocessor based alarm panel
Codes & standards – NBC and CFO ( Kolkata Fire Brigade )
Installation of smoke detectors and sprinklers mandatory in each floor by tenant
Sewage Treatment Plant
283 KLD capacity STP based on CACO technology
Entire treated water would be used for HVAC
Energy Efficiency
Integrated Building management System
Programmed Start/Stop
Optimum Start/Stop
Chiller Optimisation
Adaptive Control
Glazed units with high light transmission and low relative heat gain
Orientation of glazing to maximize natural light and minimize heat load
Rain water harvesting
Capacitors for power factor correction
Security & Life safety System
Closed Circuit Television
Card Access Control
Smoke detection in common areas
Intrusion alarms
Emergency control of elevators, HVAC systems, doors
Automatic rescue device in elevators

Required illumination through UPS for emergency evacuation
Compliant with WBFS and NFPA norms for office building design
Water Treatment Plant
For iron removal and water softening
Telecom and broadband connectivity through multiple service providers
Tap off at ground level
Separate duct has been provided for running cables from tap off point to individual floors
Environment friendly features
Rain water harvesting
Waste water recycling through STP and sophisticated softening plants for use in the HVAC system
Energy efficient equipment
Landscaped podium level
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